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StarDrop™ Channeled Energy Healing: Illuminate Your Inner Self My

StarDrop™ Channeled Energy Healing: Illuminate Your Inner Self My


StarDrop™ Channeled Energy Healing:

Experience Profound Transformation with StarDrop™ Channeled Energy Healing

Prepare for a journey of profound transformation with StarDrop™ Channeled Energy Healing. Our approach is centered around cleansing, clearing, and regeneration, and it is renowned for its life-changing impact. This unique vibrational frequency can reset your entire being, from the cellular level to the energetic, drawing upon a special influence from the stars.

A Vision of Healing and Manifestation

This remarkable work was inspired by my mentor after a meteor shower in the fall of 2017. The results were so astounding for her own healing and manifestation that she felt compelled to share it with friends and long-term clients.

Choose Your Healing Path

First-Time Special: Long Distance Light Infusions - $66 for 30 minutes

Long Distance Light Infusions - $88 for 30 minutes.

Pure Healing Bliss: $122 per hour (no consultation required)

A Deeper Connection: $172 for 90 minutes with a brief consultation

Comprehensive Healing Experience: $222 for 2 hours with a full consultation

No matter which path you choose, StarDrop™ Channeled Energy Healing is your guide to a journey of self-discovery and profound rejuvenation. Your inner starlight awaits, ready to shine brightly.

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